I returned to Brazil on Monday after a wonderful vacation in Greece and a short but sweet trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law and their 3 little girls.

Now that I am back I will once again be publishing regularly, there will be something every Wednesday, and for quite some time a lot of things in between there as I catch up on the last few days in Brazil before my holiday and share many wonderful stories of Greece. So you will likely want to check in regularly or maybe consider finally subscribing so that you get an email whenever I post something (it is simple to do, just enter your email address in the box at the top left of my page and click the “Sign Me Up” button).

To get things started let me share some thoughts on being back here after a month away.

I must admit, while I was in the US, in the middle of what seems to be shaking out as a gorgeous summer, I was not completely thrilled with getting on a plane and heading to winter again. It had been very nice to see my friends and family and to get some work done in my condo. Plus there were some things that just didn’t happen, for instance despite trying hard I was unable to get out sailing (hopefully when I return in September there will be one or two nice days and I can tick that off of the list then).

In addition, I was getting very tired or packing and unpacking, and packing and unpacking, and packing…. not to mention spending time on airplanes. So sadly before I left home one of the highlights in my mind was that I would at least be in the same place for a couple of months. And because of some of the loneliness episodes that I had the last time I was here, despite having a great time in many many ways, I packed a few more things to lug along to keep me busy.

Thankfully, in the first two days back I am finding out why I really do like being here despite the things that I have given up to do so. When I walked into the office there were greetings and smiles galore and as I started to talk to folks they want to find out all about Greece and seem genuinely glad that I am back.

And then there is also the work, preparing and running training sessions is a great opportunity for me. Not only do I enjoy doing it, it also allows me to work on some skills that will help me do my normal assignments, writing code for our customers, that much better.

That’s about it for now, as I don’t have any photos from the past two days. Don’t worry though, there will be many in the next few weeks as I share my many tales of Greece and continue to explore Porto Alegre and other locations of Brazil.