Between the folks who have left for the US and the awesome fact that Sameer and Disha were finally able to move into their apartment, I am now the last ThoughtWorker staying at Bela Vista. And I would also have been able to move if the change in plans causing me to have to head back to the US early had not happened. Sigh, both because it would have been nice to be in a proper apartment and one near Padre Chagas as well and because I am going home early.

This change of events that left me as the last outpost could have had me bummed about not having folks around that I know, but instead I decided to take the bull by the horns and make sure I had folks to do stuff with and fun things to do.

For the past few weeks I had been hankering for some good thin crust prizza, yes we have pizza in the office at least once a week, sometimes more, that’s not the same. I had a place in mind and you probably know how that can be. So I sent out an email to the office (we are still small enough in Brazil to do that) seeing who might be interested in heading to Punto del Diablo and I got six takers. Between the seven of us we devoured 3 large pizzas and consumed 2 bottles of wine and then some. It was a great start to the weekend.

My plans for Saturday were quite late in the day, a concert (Vive la Fête), yes French music in Brazil.  The start time was advertised as 9 pm so I was able to take care of someblogging (you may have already noticed that), personal budget stuff, grocery shopping, and even worked out a bit. Whew – I’m tired just thinking about it (or maybe that’s the 13 1/2 hour day I worked yesterday).

Typical of Brazil, the show didn’t really start at nine, so after meeting at 8:30 we hung out at the bar next door until 10:30 or so before heading into the venue and the opening band had not even started to play. The best part is, nobody really cared, it was a Saturday night, people were relaxed and they knew the band would eventually take the stage. And so they did, a few minutes before midnight and I was glad I went.

The opening band, I don’t even know there name, was OK. They had a good beat to their numbers but their vocalist pretty much screamed everything, and not in a supported way so you just knew she was trashing any voice she may have once had. In contrast, not only did Vive la Fête have an even better beat, their lead was supporting her vocals, she was still close to screaming, but somehow in a good way where you can tell she had had some training. I’ll leave any discussion of whether or not she was pitchy to the experts on American Idol.

Despite still having energy around 2 am when we left the show I opted not to go on the the next club as I had had enough smoke filled venues for one night. As I think I mentioned in a previous post, here it is technically illegal to smoke in bars, restaurants, and clubs, it’s just not enforced. So when I got home everything reeked of smoke, even my hair, which made laundry a top priority for the next day (or actually that day, just after some sleep).

Sunday plan’s were to go see Inception, which was recently released in Brazil, with Sameer and Disha. Though I am not a Leonardo DiCaprio fan, I was able to look past that and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. And contrary to my thoughts when I left the theater I have not been having crazy dreams based on the movie, or have I?

All in all in was a great weekend. I got a lot done and had fun too, it’s hard to ask for more. As a matter of fact, in preparation for the day when I would be the only person in Bela Vista I had picked this title sans not, the positive way things played out enabled me to change it.