They say all good things must come to an end, and that is what is happening. As you might know, I headed back to the US earlier than planned as I was needed back there for various reasons. So, not having done everything I would have liked to, but having had a great time doing what I did and having grown immensely through my just over 3 months here, I left with mixed emotions.

Here is what I was feeling in the days before my departure….

Things I know I will miss (I am sure there will be others that I have forgotten):

  • Lot’s of New Friends
  • BBQ
  • Futebol (especially Inter)
  • A Great Office Environment
  • Giant Paper Airplanes (need link)
  • Cheap Mendoza Malbecs
  • Cachaça
  • Chimarrão
  • The women who work at Café 32 who are always helpful with my lunch order (especially the Inter fan)
  • A Very Vibrate Office
  • Great Weekend Destinations
  • Staying in One Place Unless I Choose to Travel
  • Having Enough Free Time to Catch Up on All of Those Little Things
  • The Brique Market
  • Colorful Money
  • Free Laundry
  • The Convenience of Grabbing a Cab to Work Each Day
  • The Cab Driver Who Practices His English as He Drives Us To Work
  • Doing Absolutely Nothing on a Weekend
  • Whole Office Email Threads
  • In Office Projectiles
  • Juggling
  • Paddle Ball (including Trevor almost getting beamed as he entered 417)
  • Approximate Cab Fares
  • Colorful Buildings
  • Not Having to Clean Up After Myself
  • Calebresa
  • Quatro Queijo
  • Music in the Office
  • Beach Opens
  • Elevator Close Buttons that Work
  • Feijão

Things that I won’t miss:

  • Not Being Able to Communicate
  • Take Out Places that Don’t Bring Utensils or Napkins
  • Plastic Napkins
  • Shot Glass Sized Cups for Pop (though this one does make me laugh)
  • The Overuse of Plastic Bags (US is very bad, I think Brazil is worse)
  • Buildings without Insulation
  • Buildings without Ventilation
  • Weather Changes Every Day (Oh Wait, I Live in Chicago)
  • The Maid Leaving My Windows Open and My Drain and Shades Closed
  • Cabs that Barely Make it Up the Hill on Lucas
  • Only Having a Small Portion of My Wardrobe Available
  • Not Being Able to Use My Credit Card On Line, Especially to Book Flights
  • Gaining Weight (likely related to the calebresa and the quatro queijo, and the BBQ)
  • Broken Seat Belts
  • Bela Vista (though it is nice being greeted on the way in & out each day)

In addition there are some things that I am looking forward to doing when I get home

  • Seeing my Friends
  • Seeing my Family
  • Sailing
  • Alumni Band (yes I’ve already signed up)
  • Church and Choir
  • My Gym

Of course there are also the things that I know that I have to do when I get back as well and won’t have an excuse to ignore when I am not in another hemisphere (escapism is great while it lasts)

  • Finishing Putting Shelving in my Closets
  • Redoing my Bathrooms
  • Cleaning and Refurnishing my Den so that it is not Just a Storage Locker

They also say that everything happens for a reason, so hopefully my next adventure will enlighten me with that reason and allow me to grow even more.

…and now that I have been gone for nearly two months I think that my lists were pretty accurate. While I have kept in touch with some folks in POA I really miss them and the office and so many things that I shouldn’t bore you by re-numerating all of them. That said there are some things that I got to do by being back in the States that I would not have been able to do if I were still in Brazil.

  • Seeing my friend’s sister in two full length films Conviction and Polish Bar
  • Going to a reunion of the Greece trip in Las Vegas to get a short dose of warm (well actually hot) weather
  • Restarting my French studies

Please don’t think that this is the end of the blogs, I already have some posts in the queue and am sure I will continue to find things to blog about (that is after I finish all of my posts from Greece), maybe not as regularly, but stay tuned to see what life brings me next.