This past fall I had a very special visitor join me for a couple of weeks, her name was Flat Roxie, and she came to me direct from my oldest niece Roxanna as part of a project being done by her first grade class.

Since I was traveling every week for work she actually had quite a visit joining me on my travels.

The day she arrived, I had tickets to the Wisconsin football game against Northern Iliinois at Soldier Field.

I had very little phone reception but was glad I had my phone as I was able to snap some photos of the band under the Chicago skyline. And I was able to get a few text messages with score updates out to my brother who had to work during the game.










While I am sure Flat Roxie would have loved to see both the Wisconsin Band and Football Team in action, it was quite exciting to come home form the game just in time for her arrival.

After spending the rest of the weekend in Chicago, she joined me on my weekly trek to Calgary for work. In the short time that she was there, we were able to hang out on the balcony as well as the couch.





We also played some new tunes on the piano, and cooked some good eats.






As usual it was a busy week and I couldn’t take any time off so we had to make due with the views of the mountains that we saw from the plane and while driving around town. Hopefully someday Roxie herself will get to visit that magical place and enjoy the freshness of a new mountain snow.




The next weekend was a trip to Madison for yet another Wisconsin Football game as it was Alumni Band day and I had planned on making my annual trek to my college town to be part of the action. While here again Flat Roxie was unable to join me at the game itself, she was able to watch the festivities on TV with my friends Steve and Leigh.

After the game we had a lovely dinner and conversation before a great nights sleep, at least for me with my tired marching muscles.

Of course Monday came too soon and it was back to Calgary for another week of work, and once again no mountains. And it was time for Flat Roxie to head to my parents’ house for the next part of her adventure.