This little story can also be summed up with the well know fact that kids say the darndest things. It is also something that I can only relay second hand.

About the time I was landing in Maui, having flown in from Chicago to meet up with the rest of the folks coming from Sacramento, they were actually getting on board their flight. Realize, this trip had been in the planning stages for months, maybe even close to or just over a year, so for a 6, 4, and 2 year old it had been a part of a good portion of their lives. And of course they were excited, at least to go to Chili’s in Hawaii (according to a post on Facebook by my sister-in-law a few days earlier).

So it really should be no surprise that as the plane starting moving Roxie squealed in delight “We’re going! We’re going!”. I can only imagine the feelings as finally the carrot that had been dangling in front of her was in her hand. Not to be outdone, Julie chipped in with a question, “Why are we going backwards?”. Hmmm, let’s try to figure that one out, there is a large building in front of you? All kidding aside, it really puts things in perspective to look at them through the eyes of children. She couldn’t see the building, was probably just as excited as Roxie, and then quite confused when the beginning of the actual trip didn’t feel quite right.

About 5 hours later, during which some sleep was achieved, but not quite enough, they landed in Maui. At which time Julie exclaimed that “that was a great vacation!”. Of course she didn’t mind at all that it had just started and by the next day was quite ready to realize that.