photo (1)On my new, assume commute home tonight, on my new awesome bike, I was reminded of something that is more part of my day job, duck typing.

I was less than half way home, enjoying the freedom of my new ride, when a passenger in a car a couple of lanes over caught my attention. She wanted to know where Pier 39 was. Despite not being an SF resident, I have been here enough that it was an easy question to answer. And that’s when duck typing came to mind.

Just as we say when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck, it seems as if when she commutes like a SFer and she must be a SFer. In this case, not exactly true, but it got the mission accomplished. Perhaps the unit test gave a false positive, but maybe I should also stop with these crazy analogies.

And, given that, I just want to say that at this point I wish I would have bought this bike sooner. Not only will my commute time likely go done, I’ll be getting some reasonable exercise at the same time. And I won’t be at all upset that I am trading off a bit of upper arm strength building while bracing for sudden starts and stops on an almost always packed as sardines bus for some good old fashioned aerobic work. This is even more true since I haven’t been able to run lately due to my foot being overly sensitive recently.

Sadly it is supposed to be raining in the morning, hopefully it will have tapered off by commute time, fingers crossed.