Hi all,

I know that I have been remiss on blogging much during the last 2 months while I have been in India. Things have been so busy that while I have many ideas in my head, I just have not been able to get them into “print”.

However, I felt that I needed to get these thoughts out in a timely fashion.

I think that it was last week sometime that I realized how nice it was not be getting bombarded with annoying Black Friday commercials just a few days before Thanksgiving. Yes, I have had a few adds show up in email, which is annoying enough. And I must say that now knowing what the hottest toy is or the must have that will be this year is quite refreshing. Have a respite, brief as it may be, from commercialism and consumerism makes me realize how out of control these things are in the US.

Christmas, a holiday, that has a special meaning to many people is getting more and more corrupted every year. Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t spend time with our families during this time, nor that we should express appreciation for what they provide for us by exchanging some simple and meaningful gifts. What I am saying is that the pattern of spending more than one can afford just do have more boxes under the tree has gotten old, at least for me.

I am also not saying that I don’t believe in buying nice things, those of you who know me well will know that I like to shop and like to support the local economies by doing so when I travel. And I have definitely done that during this trip to India. However, I spend within my means and I don’t borrow money to do so.

And along those lines, tomorrow will definitely be a different type of Thanksgiving for me. I will be with some very special new friends and spend a little time pampering myself as well with a facial and a manicure after work. And for an evening night cap, just as those of you in the US are stuffing the bird, I will likely be hanging out at Shisha, listening to live jazz.

Happy Turkey Day to those in the US. Don’t eat too much and don’t spend too much on Friday.