As the dates of my second sabbatical got closer, I got more serious about spending at least part of it doing volunteer work and the other part continuing to learn French at the same school where I studied during my first sabbatical (I’ll even be staying in the same super cute studio).

When I originally thought about the volunteer portion, I was hoping to find a location where I could use my French. However, as the time got closer this did not seem very practical. Thankfully, without out much searching I found that IVHQ had many opportunities, and shortly after that I was registered and planning for spending 5 weeks teaching in Kenya.

Since my break officially starts on July 27th, and I don’t leave for Kenya until July 29th, I was also able to slot in a weekend yoga retreat to kick things off. It’s at a center near Chicago so it will be easy to get to and from.

Even though the trip is 137 days away, I already have a pretty extensive packing list created. And I am sure the time will go fast now that it is warming up here, and I have a lot of things to get in place (immunizations, visa research, etc.). And I have to make a few plans for the week before and the week after my time at the school when I will be in France, but not necessarily in Aix.

As things get closer, I may have a few more stories to share, and once I am there I will share as much as I can, dependent of course on connectivity.   Wendy