I’m generally not a person who gets into this alternative celebration of Christmas, but I sure wasn’t going to turn down the gift that was dropped into my lap as I boarded my flight from Chicago to São Paulo. I had booked my ticket in business class on miles so was quite surprised when I got upgraded to first as I got on the plane. I’m not sure what all played into it, because normally with a miles ticket you aren’t eligible for upgrades. But I wasn’t going to complain.

And it was awesome. I are so much that I was close to exploding. And I have never seen a pork chop as think and succulent as the one I was served. I also slept very well, which I am sure I would have done in business as well.

So now I am sitting in São Paulo, sipping Starbucks since the lounge doesn’t open until noon (which will be when I can actually post this since I don’t have wifi as I write). Once it is open I’ll only have 6 more hours until my flight to Johannesburg – and it will probably start boarding an hour or so before take off, so I’ll only have 5 more hours to kill.

That’s all for now, as my journey has just begun.

And, yes, now in lounge and posting (after a quite nice free hot shower).