Some of the most memorable parts of last years trip to Africa (other than the animals of course)’ were the sundowners. For these, we would stop mid-game drive, and be servers an array of drinks and light snacks as the sun went down. So it is no surprise that sunsets are already playing a big role in my current stay here as well.

Towards the end of my first week in Zambia, I headed to the sunset tree with a few other volunteers. It was a pretty cool experience to climb up a ladder to watch the sunset for the branches of a baobab tree (



You could see the “smoke” from Victoria Falls ( as well as a good amount of the surrounding countryside.




Then, last Tuesday some of us headed to the Royal Livingstone Hotel ( to watch the sunset from there. While the drinks are quite pricey, the views are amazing. And we were even treated to some hippos playing in the water in the distance.



And they did provide a tray of free nibbles, to go along with the drinks (including my martini in a margarita glass).