For my last solo car excursion, I picked a place not quite as far away so thank could have a relaxing afternoon back at the château and headed to Gruissan to get a better look at some salt flats and to hopefully be able to eat some amazing seafood.

And I think I was finally getting at least a little proficient with this GPS thing as until I got into the actual little village itself, I didn’t have any difficulties. And the challenge of getting through thentown to the salt flats on the other side wasn’t bad since I could see where I needed to go.

My first stop was where you can buy fresh seafood, not that I was buying, but it was pretty cool to see the operation.





There were also numerous flamingos in the area that were fun to watch.



As it was getting close to noon, I then headed off to find the recommended restaurant La Cambuse du Saunier.


Here again I was able to test my French in and figure out that since I didn’t have a reservation I could sit in one of the bar areas and order from a menu limited to the fruits de mer. While a salt encased fish would have been nice, it is hard to complain about being limited to fresh seafood. And I even got to try some new things.



I must admit , I had not idea what bulots were when I ordered, but I figured there was enough other stuff on the plate if I didn’t like them. And it turned out that I liked them more than some of the other things.

I also had a great view as I was sitting right next to the salt flats.






It was actually pretty amazing seeing such large piles of salt and the work going on to produce what we actually consume.



Of course there was also a shop with said products for sale, but as always on a trip like this, you want to buy this amazing stuff that is often hard to find, but are limited by what you can fit in your suitcase.