The world traveler in me couldn’t pass up an opportunity to return to India, so last Thursday I headed to the airport for what wound up being a just shy of 24 hour trek to the other side of the world.

The first flight, 14 hours long, seemed to pass fairly quickly with my time spent between eating, sleeping, catching up on movies, and getting a little bit of work done. Then I had a fairly short layover in Delhi before boarding a short 2 hour flight to Hyderabad.

I really liked the timings of this route, as it left earlier in the day than some others I have taken in the past, so I wound up getting to my hotel just before 9:30 PM. And even though I had eaten lots en route, decided to head downstairs for some dinner before getting some much needed sleep. Mostly I think I wanted something other than airplane food. Not that the food was bad, there’s just so much you can do when feeding that many people with meals that in some cases need to be boarded many hours before they are served.

After that it was definitely time to sleep. I had stayed up the night before my flight to try to get on the new timezone, and even though I slept on the flight, you can only sleep so well in close to a sitting position and with a kid periodically kicking the back of your seat. But I was also good and made sure to start drinking some of the two bottles of water that were in my room. While the water where I am staying is probably filtered, being here only a week I feel like playing it a bit safer this time and sticking to only drinking the bottled stuff.

And after sleeping well, before heading out the next day I had finished both bottles. So I was pleasantly surprised when upon returning to my recently cleaned room there were four new bottles of water for night two. With being here for a full day, just not a night, by the next morning all four were empty. Thankfully they had a few bottles to give us after breakfast so that I could fill up my larger one before heading out as a tourist in the heat.

Maybe you can now guess what happens next. Yes, after a day in the heat I returned to the room to find six new bottles of water for night three. I’m not sure I will be able to go through all six before they clean tomorrow, so the count may not rise to eight bottles for the fourth night.