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So I am now on the flip side of my post from a bit over two weeks back, sitting in Frankfort waiting for my flight to Chicago. As always the way home seems slower than the way there and this time it is compounded by having a very early first flight from Jerez to Madrid and a total of three flights. At least the next flight is the last, the longest, but it also should be the most comfortable. The challenge is staying awake enough so that I can actually sleep when I get home tonight.

In some ways I am ready to be back home, even if it is only for one day, not quite ready to face the fact that work awaits me again on Monday with it’s normal weekly jaunts between Chicago and Calgary. At least there is a 3 day weekend in a couple of weeks to help remind me what it is like to relax.

Stay tuned over the weeks to come as I actually write up the details of our adventures in addition to the pictures I have already shared on Facebook.

After a short evening which of course included sangria and tapas it was time for some sleep in order to prepare for a one day whirlwind tour of a good sized city.

And that morning came a bit too soon and very cloudy yet it was off to breakfast and to the bus to get to our first

During our short walk to the bus stop the clouds turned into rain and that prompted a quick stop at a shop near the church to purchase umbrella, for yes, you guessed it, 5 euros. And those 5 euros were put to good use throughout the day as the rain came and went regularly as we meandered the streets both by bus and on foot.

The worst of the rain actually came at a very good time while we were sitting at a cafe on sipping some very large sangrias. During this time I actually had a small river running down the back of my chair. Thankfully I had quick dry pants on and was only a bit chilled from the experience.
That said, we are looking forward to more sunny climates in the days ahead.

I am currently sitting in the lounge at the Copenhagen airport waiting for the flight that will take me to the start of my new adventure.

I will try to post a few updates during the trip and will post more when I return since I don’t want to spend the whole trip wriiting instead of doing things to write about.

Itinery is: Barcelona, Grenada, Zueheros, Ronda, Arcos, Jerez.


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