I knew that my connection in Frankfort was tight but was not expecting the royal treatment to ensure that I made it.

After a fairly good night’s sleep, thanks to a very much appreciated upgrade to business class, as I was gathering my belongings they made an announcement that anyone with a connection to Chennai should identify themselves at the end of the jet bridge. I figured they would walk us to the next gate and ensure that we all made it.

However, after the whole group was accounted for, we actually walked down the stairs to a waiting shuttle bus that took us to an entrance just outside of the next gate. And the bus was just for the 7 or 8 of us that had that connection. Once we arrived they also made sure we got to the actual gate and into the right lines to get what we needed to board.

It was so nice to be taken care of so well. And it was also nice that once I was on board the wait for take off was quite short.

And, while I was not upgraded for this flight, since I had actually not gone through the process of getting a paper certificate in order to upgrade on Lufthansa, I did have an aisle seat and had two empty seats next to me, so I was able to spread out a bit and feel less cramped.

By the time I post this, I will be at my hotel, but now there is a little more than an hour to go in the flight and I am mentally preparing myself to sleep well upon arrival.

OK, Sleep is going to have to wait, as the downside of that tight connection is that my bag is still in Germany. I have completed the paper work to get it delivers when this flight comes in tomorrow at the same time, however I have to wait for them to get some only to me so that I can buy some clothes to wear later today.

I hope there is a place to get something close to my hotel as by the time I need to shop I will have been in my travel clothes for more than 48 hours.

And now the shopping is done and I have added two more salwars to my collection, and a pair of sandals. This does mean that my creative packing for 3+ weeks in one small bag and a carry on has been thwarted, unless perhaps I can send a few things home with my colleagues and not carry them onwards to France.