ThoughtWorks offices across the Americas will be hosting events on Tuesday October 16th to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day. Check out ThoughtWorks Events for an event near you to join and network with other women in STEM careers.

I personally will be leading a break out session at the Chicago event.

I have been with ThoughtWorks for over 17 years and have enjoyed solving technical problems and making people happy along the way. I also love to travel. So life as a consultant has been great, giving me many chances to enable solutions while living in places I never would have dreamed of living while growing up, including Brazil, France, and India. Until recently my presence in the blog sphere was centered entirely around my travels. Finally I got up the guts to post something technical. Similarly, despite actively pursuing a hobby of performing in musical theater productions and having been a facilitator for a number of training classes, I had never given a conference talk. That also changed when I spoke at That Conference in August. In this break out session I will share my experiences with addressing my fears in both of these areas and will encourage others to do the same. In addition there will be opportunities to discuss why there are so few women at conferences, both attending and presenting, and if we have any ideas of ways to change this.


To register for this event visit our EventBrite site.

For more information about Ada Lovelace and other events happening that day see Finding Ada.

Hope to see you there or hear the stories of the event that you attended after the 16th.