I finally arrived in Zambia yesterday and met up with the volunteer organization and headed to the volunteer hours with a number of other new arrivals.

After finding our rooms and lounging a bit we ate lunch and then walked into town to shake off the effects of air travel and get out bearings. One of the first orders of business nice getting to town was to find ATMs that took our cards and get some cash. With that done we found the spur ale and picked up a few things some of us wanted, for me it was a small pack of hangers.

We got back to the house just before sunset and it was time to eat again. The food has been simple but tasty. After a few more hours of getting to know folks over conversation and a game of Uno it was time to get some sleep.

Getting ready for bed was a bit of a challenge since the light in our bathroom is burned out, but eventually I crawled into my bunk and read until sleep came.

Today we are actually just relaxing and May head over to see Victoria Falls from the Zambia side since it is a holiday so we have to wait to tomorrow to start our volunteer programs. So right now there is still a lot of anxiousness amongst us newcomers to find out exactly what we will be doing.

But it was nice to have time to unpack and organize things at a leisurely pace.