Given that we had a day off, I ventured out with some new friends to explore the Zambian side of Victoria Falls (I had been to the Zimbabwean side last year).

The first step was to hire a taxi. Which involves a bit if negotiation as to the rate, but we were armed with information about what it should be, so we were happy with the rate we paid. We also had to negotiate a bit at the entrance sane had heard that we were eligible for a reduced rate since we were here as volunteers, so instead of paying 140 ZMW each, we only paid 70 ZMW each and were given a ticket indicating that we had paid the child rate.

Now it was time to explore, and explore we did. First we walked along the back side of the gorge getting some nice initial views and spotting the rainbow.


We then headed along the edge of the gorge, towards Zimbabwe, getting many other spectacular views and a few shows from the baboons.




On the return from this foray we spotted a very beautiful little bird.


We then we grabbed some beverages before hiking to the bottom of the gorge. On the way down we spotted more wildlife.


By the time we reached the bottom, the flora had changed from dessert cacti to tropical palms.


And at the bottom we got a new perspective of the gorge itself.


The hike back up was grueling, so we stopped for more beverages and snacks before heading out along another trail that provides views from father away.


Finally, we walked to the bridge itself, along the way, as many times earlier in the day we were asked if we were planning on going bungee jumping. The answer from all three of us was an absolutely not, never, no way. Of course we were also shown many goods to purchase (and those of you who have traveled with me before may be shocked to find out that I didn’t buy any souvenirs this day).



Today we will finally have orientation and tomorrow we will start out assignments.